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At Empire Gen Roofing and Chimney, we care about the upkeep of more than just your roof. Don't let our name deceive you - in addition to roof repair, we offer some of the best chimney repair Long Island has seen. This is because we have a comprehensive assistance service that can help take care of every bit of maintenance, repair, and replacement your chimneys could ever need. Starting from maintenance services such as chimney sweeping and cleaning all the way to large-scale chimney rebuilds, flashing replacement, and safeguarding measures. Ultimately, our goal is to help you develop a modern chimney, which can be built to withstand wear and tear and damage. Here are just some of the services we have available for chimney maintenance and repair in the Long Island area: ● Rebuilding chimneys ● Tearing down chimneys ● Replacing chimneys ● Crown repairs ● Flashing repairs ● Installing chimney liners ● Removing moss ● Applying chimney repellant ● Installing flue tiles ● Repairing dampers and fireboxes ● Installing chimney caps ● Repairing interiors ● Repairing loose bricks

Why Your Chimney Needs Repairs?

The ultimate reason behind keeping up with the repairs and maintenance of your chimney is to avoid harming the structure in the long run. After all, chimneys are the most vulnerable parts of your home - they are constantly exposed to the outside world and see their fair share of rain, sun, and snow. This is why chimneys can be at risk of developing severe water damage, amongst other things. After all, when you think about the materials inside your chimney, there is a huge risk of damage there. The items used in your chimney will suffer as a result of constant contact with water because they are usually the following: ● Brick ● Steel ● Tile ● Cast Iron There's more to consider when it comes to chimney damage. For example, your chimney can easily collect dust and debris during storms, not to mention the soot and carbon remains left inside after a night of burning wood. Ultimately, keeping up with the cleaning, maintaining, repairing, and, if necessary, replacing of the chimney is key to keeping your home safe. Without proper upkeep, you may start seeing signs of damage on your chimney. These can include damage to the brickwork on the chimney or deterioration of the metal parts of the chimney. The damper can also become rusted, and you may even see rot setting into the chimney. Finally, your mortar can face decay, and one of the biggest risks is that your fuel lines can also become damaged as a result.

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Why Choose Us For Chimney Repair?

When it comes to chimney repair, you need to look no further than Empire Gen Roofing and Chimney. Not only do we have the skills to get your problem fixed, but we come in with the insight that the right materials and upkeep can maintain your chimney for longer. We understand the chimney repair in Long Island weather demands and can help weatherproof your chimney to keep it safe. We are also available at all times. You never have to worry about a chimney repair left untreated when you are a client - we guarantee you excellent service, ultimate satisfaction, and the assurance that our team members have extensive knowledge of the chimney system to keep unwanted issues at bay. We are aware of potential issues in the area and how to get ahead of the problems using techniques such as installing chimney caps, repairing fuel lines, flashing installation and rebuilding, and much more! With our chimney services, you will never need to look for help anywhere else again. Contact us to get started on your assessment today!


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